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Misguided priorities, contradictions and benign neglect plague water management07/25/2014

These are tough times for water. And we're still in our infancy when dealing with it in the Great Lakes. ... MORE

Photo Friday: Shipboard education07/25/2014

BaySail in Bay City, Mich., is a 15-year-old non profit organization that teaches students through scientific observations and measurements of weather, water quality, aquatic life, and human impact on the environment, says Scott Ellis, the Lake Huron organization’s communications manager. Lessons on board the tall ship Appledore IV encourage collaboration with peers and experts. Some […] ... MORE

Michigan lawmakers launch bipartisan search for energy freedom07/24/2014

Their bills tackle net metering, microgrids, fair-value pricing and community renewable-energy gardens. ... MORE

Michigan voters favor changing energy mix - especially if it doesn't cost anything07/23/2014

More than 42 percent of Michigan potential voters think the state should dramatically reduce its reliance on electricity generated from coal over the next 25 years as technology improves and costs decrease for other sources, according to a recent poll by Public Sector Consultants. But only 13 percent favor a dramatic drop in coal-produced electricity […] ... MORE

Michigan's Deer Lake could be taken off polluted hot spot list07/23/2014

Deer Lake in Ishpeming, Mich., classified as a major international toxic hot spot since 1987, may get a clean bill of health this year after decades of costly cleanup. ... MORE

Michigan's recycling rate is lousy - and people know it07/22/2014

ff ... MORE

Petro pipelines: Public need or private profit?07/22/2014

Concerns about pipeline safety and disclosure continue to be the source of controversy. ... MORE

Towns can ban fracking, New York's top court rules07/21/2014

Zoning doesn't intrude on state's regulatory oversight, court says. Minority dissent argues that local ordinances do more than regulate land use. ... MORE

Photo Friday: June dawn at Middle Bass Island07/18/2014

Have an environmental image you’ve taken somewhere within the Great Lakes region and that you’d like to submit for Echo’s Photo Friday series? Send it to along with the photographer’s name and town of residence, approximate date it was taken, where it was taken and a little bit of description of what we’re looking […] ... MORE

Business and water policy: A troubling brew07/18/2014

Water is a hot commodity. Should we treat it like any other Initial Public Offering? ... MORE