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Goosebuster and BirdXPeller fight disease from bird droppings10/23/2014

It's an aerial defense of human health. ... MORE

Big freeze to contain contaminated water at Fukushima10/23/2014

In March of 2011, an earthquake and tsunami in Japan resulted in a nuclear disaster at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant. Three of the plants six reactors melted down, and substantial amounts of radioactive material was released. That includes contaminated water that escaped from the three units. Containing that water has proven to be an […] ... MORE

DNR official explains carp DNA discovery10/22/2014

Stopping new invasive species from taking hold in the basin has become a top priority for Michigan and other Great Lakes states. At the top of their hit list: Asian carp. The non-native fish have already infiltrated the Mississippi River system, crowding out native species and creating a nuisance for boaters. Experts worry that an […] ... MORE

Michigan National Guard tests novel wind funnels10/22/2014

Device captures wind from all directions and concentrates it. ... MORE

Last winter's cold legacy: Fall colors slower to peak10/21/2014

Winter stress and a cold spring delayed leaf-out for many trees. Heavy precipitation also contributed to color delays. ... MORE

Sentencing ahead in New York Clean Water Act criminal case10/20/2014

A demolition company and two of its managers pled guilty to illegal dumping of toxic materials into the Susquehanna River. ... MORE

Which book best captures the feel of your state's environment?10/20/2014

Brooklyn Magazine came out with a rather audacious list recently called The literary history of the United States: A map of the best book or every state. ... MORE

Spiny water fleas in Great Lakes indicate a larger problem10/17/2014

When these invasive crustaceans can thrive, it means that there is plenty of other trouble in the water. ... MORE

Expert: Drone technology a game-changer in agriculture10/16/2014

We were first introduced to drones by the United States military, which has been using them, controversially, it must be pointed out, for years in places like Afghanistan, northern Pakistan and Yemen. But like many other technologies that have been pioneered by the military, such as computers, duct tape and GPS, drones have numerous commercial […] ... MORE

Living a Land Ethic: Q&A with author Steve Laubach10/15/2014

Laubach chronicles the cooperative history of the Leopold Memorial Reserve in light of challenges maintaining the natural integrity of public-private spaces. ... MORE