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Great Lakes Month in Review: rising lake levels, Asian carp DNA10/31/2014

For today's Great Lakes Month in Review, we talk about the dramatic rise in lake levels this fall, the latest legal updates on Asian carp, and the U-N's stance on the Detroit water shut-offs. ... MORE

Great Lakes fishery managers need insight on climate change impacts10/30/2014

It ranks third in their greatest worries, but it has direct implications for the habitat loss and invasive species threats listed above it. ... MORE

Drones could predict region's lake effect snow10/29/2014

But federal regulations keep a Great Lakes weather fleet grounded. ... MORE

Planetarium improves night vision10/29/2014

It's a tool for peering deeply into the cosmos and engaging diverse students in science. ... MORE

Hunting not sole issue in wolf debate10/28/2014

Hunting is only one part of an effort to manage the state's wolf population, and only one part of the larger issue, according to researchers at Michigan State and Michigan Technological universities. ... MORE

UP consumers seek replacement for aging power plant10/28/2014

Where you live in Michigan makes a big difference when it comes to the price you pay for electricity, especially if you're living in the Upper Peninsula. Turning on a light bulb there could cost you more than double than it would in the Lower Peninsula, and energy bills in the UP are expected to […] ... MORE

New uses sought for old newspaper buildings10/27/2014

As many Michigan newspapers downsize to smaller offices, their communities are deciding what to do with the massive buildings they leave behind. ... MORE

Michigan, New York, Minnesota test fisheater's blood for contaminants10/27/2014

Blood and urine of volunteers were tested for PCBs, pesticides, mercury, lead and cadmium as part of federal health study. ... MORE

New river reefs built to encourage fish spawning10/24/2014

To encourage fish spawning, Michigan Sea Grant and its research and industry partners are laying rock for new spawning habitat in the St. Clair River. ... MORE

University spawns robofish to monitor Great Lakes10/24/2014

A lot of sci-fi movies and books feature robots that look like people.  Think the Terminator or C-3PO. But a Michigan State University engineering professor went in a different direction when he started working on building a robotic fish about 10 years ago. Current State’s Mark Bashore talks with Dr. Xiaobo Tan, an associate professor […] ... MORE