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Manistee dam removal yields snake hibernaculum09/19/2014

Conservation biologists have built the first artificial home for snakes in northern Michigan. And they removed an entire dam to do it. ... MORE

Federal legislation would ban microplastics in personal care products09/18/2014

BUFFALO – A New York U.S. senator recently introduced legislation to ban tiny plastic particles in personal care products. These plastic microbeads are found in products like facial scrubs, body washes, hand cleansers and toothpastes. They are too small to be caught by wastewater treatment plants so they end up in large bodies of water […] ... MORE

Michigan officials fight proposed Lake Huron nuke waste storage09/18/2014

Residents of Michigan's Thumb region are looking across Lake Huron with some concern about a Canadian utility seeking approval to build an underground nuclear waste disposal site near the town of Kincardine, Ontario. ... MORE

Burgeoning beer brewers boost barley demand09/17/2014

But limited malting capacity is a brake on production. ... MORE

Great Lakes restoration picks up another $12 million in grants09/17/2014

A public-private partnership focused on Great Lakes habitat restoration recently announced $12 million in grants to 31 projects, including 10 in Michigan. The recipients will add another $11 million to this year's Sustain Our Great Lakes funding, according to the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. The Sustain Our Great Lakes program is funded and operated […] ... MORE

Q&A: Tea Party star heads to Wisconsin to fight for solar09/15/2014

Debbie Dooley is a right-wing grandmother, a founding member of the national Tea Party and a leader of the Atlanta Tea Party. She is also an outspoken proponent of distributed solar generation and other forms of renewable distributed energy. ... MORE

Where Wright went right - and wrong - on the lake09/12/2014

This Lake Erie home is a spectacular attempt at tying architecture into a Great Lakes shoreline environment. ... MORE

Bats play crucial role in Michigan's ecology09/11/2014

Current State speaks with the executive director of the Organization for Bat Conservation, Rob Mies. ... MORE

Detroit Public Television covers Great Lakes Restoration Conference09/10/2014

Organizations focused on maintaining the Great Lakes meet this week in Grand Rapids to discuss environmental issues. This year's Great Lakes Restoration Conference, hosted by Healing Our Waters – Great Lakes Coalition, marks a decade of work. Attendees will diagnose possible future threats. Detroit Public Television is covering the conference the live on its Great […] ... MORE

Winged Wednesday: Quebec's toxic gulls offer clues about flame retardants09/10/2014

Scientists have found that not only are flame retardants present in the birds but could be damaging their health and reducing their population. ... MORE