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Googlers ask why Great Lakes are salty12/19/2014

Autocomplete gives clues to what people wonder about the region. ... MORE

Great Lakes legal expert discusses challenge to EPA mercury rules12/19/2014

Michigan's challenge to EPA emissions rule lands in front of the U.S. Supreme Court. ... MORE

U.S. wilderness areas study includes 16 in Michigan12/18/2014

The Sierra Club would like the Trap Hills part of the U.P.'s Ottawa National Forest to be added as a wildernss area, but public land agencies say they have no plans for major changes in Michigan. ... MORE

New tool simulates climate change impact on Great Lakes shores12/18/2014

A new tool developed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Adminstration lets people look at what varying water levels do to a shoreline. ... MORE

Winged Wednesday: Early migration shows loon flight path12/17/2014

Cold weather meant they hatched late and migrated early, but tagged birds show strong survival. ... MORE

Story withdrawn12/17/2014

Echo has withdrawn a story from its archive that was published Dec. 3, 2014 with the headline, "Great Lakes ice breaking all the rules." ... MORE

Jobs in timbering, wood products go begging12/16/2014

Logging and wood product companies are searching for skilled employees with many experienced foresters and other Northern Michigan workers retiring. ... MORE

Stream app turns Great Lakes citizens into scientists12/15/2014

Anyone can contribute water level information with app unveiled today at a meeting of the American Geophysical Union. ... MORE

Cheeseburgers, algae and Great Lakes candor12/12/2014

A scientist and a lawyer are unafraid to rock the boat with Great Lakes candor. We need more of that. ... MORE

Emerald Ash borer moving on to new target in Ohio12/11/2014

Ohio scientists say they?ve found evidence that the insect has made its way to a new host: the white fringetree. ... MORE