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Mr. Great Lakes: Bike trails and superstorms11/23/2014

Jeff Kart, Mr. Great Lakes discusses superstorm research that may save your life and new bike trails in Bay City. ... MORE

Long-eared bat listing gets pushback11/21/2014

A fight over logging restrictions is delaying federal protection of the northern long-eared bat, a Great Lakes species already decimated in the American Northeast. ... MORE

Michigan adds killer shrimp, others to banned species list11/20/2014

Unlike Sharknadoes, the tiny crustacean poses a real threat, especially in the Great Lakes. ... MORE

Scandal and slavery by Lake Minnetonka11/19/2014

Eric Dregni's "By the Waters of Minnetonka" sheds light on the region's rich history of European settlers, wealthy vacationers and scandal. ... MORE

Wilson on water11/19/2014

Great Lakes Echo commentator Gary Wilson weighed in recently on the region's environmental politics on public radio's WMUK at Western Michigan University. ... MORE

How media frame climate change11/17/2014

Shaping perceptions of climate change risk. ... MORE

Current State: Can't get to California? Surf the Great Lakes11/17/2014

Current State speaks about surfing the Great Lakes with the president of Great Lakes Surfing Association Bob Beaton, and Joe Matulis, owner of Matuli, a paddleboard and surfboard company based in East Lansing. ... MORE

Landfill expansion could further pollute Niagara Falls, critics claim11/17/2014

Since the landfill is close to the Canadian border and Niagara River, there is great concern about the potential for pollution in both countries, environmentalists say. ... MORE

Photo Friday: Wall that once split contaminated river removed11/14/2014

A milestone for St. Louis! Construction crews are in the process of removing a metal sheet pile wall from the Pine River near the Velsicol superfund site. ... MORE

Environmental violators go to jail in crackdown11/14/2014

An improving economy spurring demolition of old structures and redevelopment of contaminated industrial sites is creating more opportunity for environmental crimes. ... MORE