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Michigan's environment makes front pages, but not political front burner08/29/2014

Newspapers reveal worries about fish, floods, farms, mines, trails, energy and Roscoe the deer. ... MORE

Great Lakes month in review: What's next in algae fight?08/29/2014

At the end of each month, we check in with Great Lakes commentator and journalist Gary Wilson for updates on environmental stories from around the basin. For today's Great Lakes Month in Review we're focusing on the Toledo water crisis, which was in the news for several weeks this month, and could be again. This […] ... MORE

Enbridge case indicates pipeline fast-track08/28/2014

Recent federal court hearing allows construction to begin before environmental impact statement completed. ... MORE

This birder's Winged Wednesday picks favor the coasts08/27/2014

Editor’s note: Echo’s Winged Wednesday series reports on expert birders’ favorite Great Lakes birds to watch. Tell us your favorites in the comments. Summer birding is tricky. Birds are in the midst of the nesting season and are often quiet as they patiently sit on eggs and care for their newly-hatched chicks. Mark Cranford admires […] ... MORE

Mr. Great Lakes on sun, wind and tires08/27/2014

Click the audio for details and Mr. Great Lakes for the text. Mr. Great Lakes is heard at 9 a.m. Fridays in Bay City, Mich., on Delta College Q-90.1 FM NPR and is rebroadcast on Great Lakes Echo with permission. ... MORE

Environmental group gives Michigan legislature an ?incomplete? grade08/26/2014

It also rated every Michigan legislator individually after comparing voting records to the organization's stated goals. ... MORE

Questionable additive okay for toothpaste but not hand soap?08/25/2014

Minnesota will ban an anti-bacterial chemical in consumer products. Canadians considering similar move. ... MORE

Leaking petroleum judgment gains $800,000 for state08/22/2014

The money is for cleanup , civil fines and penalties for failure to properly remediate three sites with leaking underground storage tanks in Berrien County. The ruling could be appealed. ... MORE

Flash point: The lighthouse Lake Superior nearly swallowed08/22/2014

We asked Great Lakes photographers to send us some of their favorite or toughest Great Lakes shots and a bit of a story behind the picture. This image and explanation are by David Marvin. Most people have never heard of the Crisp Point Lighthouse, much less ever visited it. It stands on the Lake Superior […] ... MORE

Turning waste into watts08/21/2014

Consumers Energy has selected four Michigan farms to produce electricity with anaerobic digesters. ... MORE