DOE luminary sheds light on the bright future of energy efficient bulbs

"I see a real innovation in the LED space that allows many companies and residential communities to get involved more aggressively," says West. "As technology matures and changes, we see prices dropping as well, which makes the LED bulbs more attractive to the public."

David McKinney: Clean Light, Green Light is lighting the future

"Our biggest battle with LED lighting is controlling the heat," says McKinney. "By controlling the heat, we can create a light that will last 50,000 hours or more. Across the country and across the world- energy rates are raising; while our product does cost more upfront, the pay back is much quicker compared to traditional lighting."

MSU leading the way in green packaging

Hotchkiss believes the main challenge ahead for the packaging industry revolves around the feed stocks used to manufacture packaging and the performance standards of these materials. "The challenge is to take renewable resources and turn them into packages that have equal or better performance standards."

Cliff Lampe: Web-based communities enhancing sustainability

Lampe is working on the Advanced Michigan Project with MSU Extension and the Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station. Every five years MSU Extension has a mandate to census the area to collect feedback from the residents of Michigan.

Don Morelli: Transferring waste heat into electricity

Whether energy is converted from wind, solar energy, or coal, energy is lost in the form of heat and Michigan State University's Don Morelli is looking at ways to make use of that wasted heat.


2nd Annual Michigan Green Chemistry Conference: A Catalyst for the Economy

EPA's Dr. Paul Anastas Invited to Keynote at Oct. 20 Michigan Green Chemistry Conference