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Being green is good for business, says President and CEO of Michigan resort

By investing in these green technology and initiatives, MacInnes recognizes his contribution to supporting future sustainability enterprises. "We know it's just the beginning. We know there are issues with cost but that's always the case- think of the first cells phones," says MacInnes. "But you have to start somewhere and we want to be on the front-end."

Purely Michigan Dinner: A Culinary Celebration of Michigan products

The creative folks in Frankenmuth are at it again-this time the "Purely Michigan Dinner," Friday, Feb. 25, at the world-class Bavarian Inn Restaurant. And the menu is mind-boggling.

GOTGL bonus: WJR's Paul W Smith on MSU Today

We need to get back to being proud to say we're from Detroit. We are our own PR firm, and we are what we tell people we are.

Linda Jones: Buying local products helps Michigan's economy

The Select Michigan and Buy Michigan Products websites are good places for consumers to go to find out how and where to support Michigan-based producers, according to Jones. And she says that the Farm Market and Agri-Tourism Association publishes a booklet that guides consumers to these locations. The MSU Market Maker site is another.

Steve Tennes: Agritourism and selling family fun on the farm

Steve Tennes, owner of the Country Mill in Charlotte, Michigan, doesn't sell pumpkins, apples, or even apple cider and donuts. Well, he does, but more importantly, what he sells is family fun.



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